Learn, Play and Apply

Cristalix is an advanced digital platform designed to develop children’s social and emotional skills and provide an effective anxiety treatment.

Cristalix supports kids ages 8-12 with:

Tested At​

A program for the whole family



Highly engaging
Cost effective

Connecting from anywhere
at any time

At Cristalix, we empower children to build their Social-Emotional Skills and overcome anxiety. Our unique approach integrates a gaming simulation experience with an AI-driven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) coach avatar, forming a structured educational program. This includes interactive activities, simulations, and real-time discussions, ensuring that learning about social and emotional skills is not only effective but also enjoyable for children.

Meet Emily your child's CBT coacher

Emily, our virtual guide, works according to the CBT protocol – cognitive behavioral therapy, she will accompany you and your child in the process.

Practice dozens of simulations

in virtual classroom and school
yard environment

Develop Social emotional skills

In a safe virtual environment

social behavior during a game

Self confidence

Proper joining a game

Proper interpretation of social situations

Eye Contact

Personal space


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